New 24,000TEU Megamax vessel with ESD, Bow Windshield & EGCS

ONE announced their 24,000-TEU class Megamax, equipped with a bow windshield, ESDs, EGCS, and high-performance antifouling paints.

Ocean Network Express (ONE) announces their first-ever 24,000-TEU class Megamax, equipped with a bow windshield, an energy-saving device, an exhaust gas cleaning system, and high-performance antifouling paints to meet the emission regulations of IMO.


Ocean Network Express (ONE) is pleased to announce that “ONE INNOVATION”, the company’s first-ever 24,000-TEU class Megamax, was successfully delivered at Kure Shipyard of Japan Marine United Corporation on 2 June 2023.

The Megamax vessel, ONE INNOVATION, with a capacity of up to 24,136 TEU, will help bring economies of scale and significantly lower carbon emissions through a state-of-the-art hull design that aims to maximize cargo intake and minimize fuel consumption. The Megamax vessel is equipped with a bow windshield, an energy-saving device, and an exhaust gas cleaning system to meet the emission regulations of IMO. She is also the first of the six new Megamax vessels to join ONE’s core fleet.

In principle, the bow windshield aims at improving the ship’s aerodynamics, similar to an air dam incorporated into a semi-truck design. At first, the design seemed odd. Now they are standard for long-haul trucks. Therefore, the shipping industry can benefit as well by reducing its fuel consumption and its greenhouse gas emissions.

bow windshield one trust
Bow windshield, new rising containership feature

The bow windshield first invented by MOL could be set to go mainstream with news that two of the world’s largest liners have been installed on a flagship in its fleet.

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She will be deployed on the Asia to Europe (FE3) service, under THE Alliance (THEA).

ONE is always committed to operational excellence, business sustainability, and environmental protection. Through the introduction of ONE INNOVATION together with other five upcoming sister Megamax vessels. ONE targets to offer more competitive and best-in-class services to customers with decreased environmental impact. 

“ONE INNOVATION is the largest vessel in our fleet, and we are proud to have it as our flagship. This newly built vessel will help us pave the way for the sustainable development of global logistics and respond to customer requests with the world’s No. 1 quality of service,”

“Last year, we announced our ‘Green Vision’, which aims to achieve net-zero by 2050. We are actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet, and we are confident that this vessel will contribute to this effort and bring innovation to global logistics.”

Yu Kurimoto, Managing Director, ONE
Megamax Vessel’s Specification
LOA399.95 M
Beam61.40 M
Capacity24,136 TEU
Depth33.20 M
Scantling Draft16.50 M
Reefer plugsOver 2,000 TEU
Port Rotation

Ningbo – Xiamen – Kaohsiung – Yantian – Singapore – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Southampton – Algeciras – Singapore – Yantian – Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – Ningbo

Source: ONE

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