METIS to enhance decarbonization and compliance support

METIS to enhance decarbonization. AER, CII Monitoring & Analysis, and MRV & DCS Compliance Documentation and Reporting.

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA has launched a new set of tools. Aiming to help shipping companies manage their environmental impact and enhance decarbonization goals while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Comprising 3 distinct but related applications to enhance decarbonization;

  • AER Monitoring & Analysis
  • CII Monitoring & Analysis
  • MRV & DCS Compliance Documentation and Reporting.

Hence, the new functionality helps shipowners to keep pace with an evolving maritime regulatory landscape. With a primary driver, the environmental concerns.


The tools allow owners to monitor and analyze their fleets’ GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions against industry metrics. These include the AER (annual efficiency ratio) and the International Maritime Organization’s forthcoming CII (carbon intensity indicator) regulation. Moreover, they facilitate the reporting of GHG emissions and the preparation of documentation in line with the; European Union’s MRV (monitoring, reporting, and valuation) and the IMO’s DCS (Documentation Collection System) requirements.

In addition to helping shipowners demonstrate regulatory compliance, the solutions support efforts to improve environmental performance in the long term.

“The new layers of functionality will assist shipowners not only in proving their compliance with regulations but also in achieving compliance in the first place and, crucially, maintaining itUsers will be able to visualise emissions over time based on accurate trend lines, determine what they need to change to reduce those emissions and evaluate the efficacy of the actions they are taking to achieve the necessary reductions.”

Andreas Symeonidis, Marketing Manager, METIS Cyberspace Technology
enhance decarbonization

The METIS’s automated data-acquisition system ensures data quality, frequency, and availability. Therefore, the new applications further enrich a digital platform that already offers functionality for; route-cost optimization, weather forecasting, electric power profiling, port operations analysis, and more.

“The result is the most comprehensive manufacturer-independent platform on the market, providing end-to-end support for owners transitioning towards digital and environmentally friendly shipping operations.”

Andreas Symeonidis, Marketing Manager, METIS Cyberspace Technology
Further from METIS

METIS is involved in the EU-backed ENGIMMONIA project. Particularly, the company is providing digital data-acquisition services to support the testing of clean energy solutions onboard 3 vessel types. Shortly after announcing its contribution to ENGIMMONIA in July 2021, METIS signed an MoU with Carl Baughn GmbH & Co. KG, establishing a long-term strategic partnership to improve the environmental performance of existing ships and land-based power plants.

Source: METIS