Asso.subsea to install the cables of Vesterhav Windfarms

Asso.subsea will carry out the transportation, installation, protection, and commissioning of the Vesterhav windfarms submarine cables.

Asso. subsea Ltd is a specialized global contractor in the submarine cable industry. Hence, the company will carry out the transportation, installation, protection, and commissioning of the 66 kV export and inter-array submarine cables of the 350 MW Vesterhav windfarms, Nord and Syd offshore. 


The overall system comprises 4 export and 37 inter-array cables. Thus installing a total of more than 70 km along a submarine route. Additionally, this route holds high technical challenges including; shallow water areas, boulder fields, mobile sediments, and a great variety of conditions from very soft to hard soils.

Furthermore, Asso.subsea will utilize almost the full capacity of its state-of-art fleet for the Vesterhav windfarms.

  • ‘Atalanti’ the DP2 cable laying vessel specializes in extremely shallow water working environments.
  • The DP2 trenching support vessels ‘Argo’ and ‘Aethra’ deployed for the seabed preparation and post-lay burial operations.
  • The latest versions of the trenching machines (AssoTrencher IV and AssoJet III families), among the most powerful trenching/jetting ROVs in the market. Hence, provide the required protection of the cables along the whole submarine route.

Nevertheless, the completion of the project is scheduled to fulfill by mid-2023.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to work with Vattenfall on a so prestigious project, after the positive experience on the Kriegers Flak boulder mitigation campaign. With more than 40 M€ invested only in 2020 for the expansion and upgrades of our fleet, we are extremely proud to be able to support Vattenfall in another fundamental step towards the energy transition”

Mr. Ioannis Togias, Director of the Marine Division of Asso.subsea Limited
Facts about Vesterhav Syd and Nord  
  • 350 MW of production capacity spread over 20 and 21 8.4 MW turbines respectively
  • Production can cover the annual electricity consumption of roughly 380,000 Danish households
  • The two offshore wind farms will increase Danish electricity production from wind turbines by around 10 percent. 
Nerd Thoughts

It is exciting to witness the harnessing of wind energy for power generation and ship propulsion as well.

Windfarms have a smaller footprint than other forms of energy generation such as coal and gas plants. They may be close to scenic or otherwise undeveloped areas.

In the meantime, aesthetic issues are important regarding onshore and near-shore locations. However, this is subjective, some people find wind farms pleasant and optimistic or symbols of energy independence and local prosperity. On the contrary, some tourism officials predict wind farms will damage tourism. But, particular windfarms have become tourist attractions, with visitor centers at ground level or even observation decks atop turbine towers.

We are curious and patiently waiting to experience the evolution of wind energy utilization.

Source: Asso.subsea