Decarbonization Seminar: The Benefits of ESDs in 2023

MAST MS and CMES-Tech held a decarbonization seminar session in Athens, Greece to provide insights on the benefits of Energy Saving Devices.

MAST MS in cooperation with CMES-Tech held a decarbonization seminar session in Athens on May 25, 2023, to provide insights on the benefits of Energy Saving Devices for the Greek Shipping community.


MAST Maritime Services S.A. in cooperation with their exclusive Principals CSSC Shanghai Marine Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (CMES-Tech) held a decarbonization seminar session (Accelerating Change: The benefits of Energy Saving Devices for your fleet) for the Greek Shipping community in Athens on May 25, 2023, followed by a dinner to foster greater interest in energy efficiency improvement, familiarize the participants with the new technological advancements and provide a forum to exchange views on the decarbonization plan of the industry. The midday session was attended by technically oriented executives from reputable ship management and shipowning companies and senior personnel from shipbuilding and ship classification societies.

Mast Maritime Services SA 
Decarbonization Seminar
Decarbonization Seminar

The decarbonization seminar included a couple of technical presentations through interaction with the participants and case studies on actual existing projects. Discussions revolved around hydrodynamic energy efficiency technologies; innovative Air Layer systems; capturing wind energy; and the methodology to achieve the optimal vessel performance enhancement.

Mr. Manos Katsoulakis
Mr. Neamonitis Stamatis 
Mr. Li Pengcheng 
Mr. Huang Shuquan
Mr. Alexandros Lampoglou
Mr. Manos Katsoulakis, Mr. Stamatis Neamonitis, Dr. Li Pengcheng, Mr. Huang Shuquan, Mr. Alexandros Lampoglou

The first part of the decarbonization seminar focused on Energy Saving Devices (ESD) and the proven savings that shipowners can benefit from CMES-Tech products and engineering studies. In addition, the second part introduced new technologies that have already been initiated to be implemented including an Air Layer system for hull drag reduction and also Rotor Sails to harvest wind energy.

Overall, the event was an opportunity for CMES-Tech to exchange views with the participants through a detailed discussion on the decarbonization plan and ease the path to greener ships.

Head of Energy Department
Mr. Alexandros Lampoglou 
Mast Maritime Services SA
Decarbonization Seminar
Speaker: Mr. Alexandros Lampoglou (BEng, MSc)
Head of Energy Department

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About CMES-Tech

CSSC Shanghai Marine Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (CMES-Tech), is exclusively represented by MAST Maritime Services in Greece. CMES-Tech is a state-owned governmental center based in China and utilizes 5 factories with in-house fabrication and state-of-the-art facilities for R&D. The company specializes in the design and production of high-end tailor-made Energy Saving Devices with proven benefits (3-12%) from more than 1500 retrofit applications while providing their technologies for the majority (more than 70%) of new-building projects in China.

Source: MAST MS

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During the last year’s Posidonia 2022 Exhibition event, brought together the shipping industry professionals from across the globe after 4 years of waiting. MAST Maritime Services, organized and offered the opportunity to attend the decarbonization seminar: Get in line with the industry’s decarbonization plan. Hence, along with Lloyd’s Register, Rightship, and CMES-Tech, they enlightened the paths to a more sustainable future according to the new measures (EEXI, CII).

Decarbonization of the world fleet is one of the biggest challenges today. Therefore, EEXI and CII have been set to drastically minimize the carbon footprint
It is not incorrect that the new measures will influence the technical and therefore the operational profile of the vessels. Having said this, we can’t ignore the fact that, Shipowners are bouncing from one solution to another without a stable plan. 

In this regard and in order to address the matter, the seminar incorporated speakers from; a Classification society, a 3rd party Maritime Organisation and an Energy Saving Technology developing company.  

EEXI / CII & Energy Saving Devices - Posidonia 2022 Seminar
EEXI / CII & Energy Saving Devices – Posidonia 2022 Seminar

EEXI CII Seminar: Get in line with the industry’s decarbonization plan. Thus, enlightening the paths to a more sustainable future.

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