Longchamp signs for wind-assisted propulsion!

In view of reducing the environmental footprint of the shipping activities, the French company Longchamp signed a new cooperation agreement with NEOLINE, aiming for the depletion of the emissions produced throughout the transatlantic transportation of their products.

NEOLINE offers an innovative service of marine transportation that incorporates sail-assisted vessels which have been developed to provide the finest ecological and economical performance available.

Sailing with the speed of 11 knots, the 136m long commercial vessels are equipped with 4,200sqm sails. By utilizing wind energy, the technological advances in weather forecasting, and with the lead of the specially trained crew, NEOLINE ships are able to achieve up to 90% emissions reduction when compared to conventional commercial vessels of the same size that execute the same route at 15knots of speed.

Under the agreement, Longchamp will employ the NEOLINE fleet for the Montoir de Bretagne-Baltimore route, transporting at least 50% of their annual volume of containers traded between France and the United States. The first transports are scheduled to start during the first half of 2024.

Photo: Neoline