Cybersecurity Breach Of Bureau Veritas: All Systems Offline

The cybersecurity system of Bureau Veritas was breached after a cyber-attack, putting all systems offline.

French firm Bureau Veritas (BV), has reported a cybersecurity breach that affected its IT systems. The Classification society BV specializes in laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services.

The company detected the security breach on 20 November.

As a preventive measure, Bureau Veritas took all its servers and data offline for a temporary period.

At present, further investigations and corrective procedures are in place.

“A preventive decision has been made to temporarily take our servers and data offline to protect our clients and the company while further investigations and corrective measures are in progress. This decision generates partial unavailability or slowdown of our services and client interfaces.”


Following the cyberattack, the Bureau Veritas teams, are focusing on establishing business continuity. Along with third-party IT experts backing up, the company initiated the incident response procedure.

They are also making efforts to reduce disruption for clients, employees, and partners.

“Bureau Veritas has also actioned the relevant authorities, who will provide us with additional support to resume normal operations in short term. We would like to thank our clients for their understanding and trust.”


This is the second Cyberattack these days, where another cybersecurity incident took place in a Wind Turbine Giant Shutdown.

Such cybersecurity incidents are directly contributing to the delay of the Maritime Digitalization since cyber technologies struggle to gain the trust of the industry and they can lose it straight away.

The shipping industry may achieve its digitalization through numerous concepts. Hence, enhanced cybersecurity levels need to overthrow the challenge of trust, likewise in Digital Twin Technology.

Source: BV