Digital Twin Technology for an LNG Carrier

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Gastech 2021, Dubai was signed by Lloyds Register (LR), Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE) and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), aiming to develop digital twin technology to support the digitalization of the maritime industry while also to address the evolving demand for large scale LNG carriers.

Wait. What is the Digital Twin Technology?

In line with the prescribed MoU, KSOE and HHI have the duty to develop the Hyundai Intelligent Digital Twin Ship (HIDTS) for a type B gas containment tank tailored to a 174,000 CBM LNG gas Carrier.

Besides, the role of LR is to perform audit, review, risk assessment, verification and validation activities to actively assist KSOE and HHI with the fruitful development and implementation of the digital twin. LR’s ShipRight Procedure for Digital Compliance will be applied to the HIDTS, including stages Digital Twin READY, the certification of KSOE and HHI as Digital Twin Developers, and Digital Twin APPROVED, the verification of HIDTS. LR will then apply stages Digital Twin COMMISSIONED, which requires a risk-based, resiliency analysis of HIDTS, and Digital Twin LIVE, the validation of HIDTS.

“The HIDTS solution creates a digital twin environment in a cyber space which is identical to the maritime environment where a vessel is operated and tests the performance of key equipment and facilities of LNG carriers, such as the dual fuel engine, gas supply system and power and control systems. Spurred by the development of this HIDTS virtual commissioning solution, we plan to launch the new digital ship management solution that covers artificial intelligence technologies such as asset management, energy optimisation and risk assessment”

Byoung-Hoon Kwon, Vice President of KSOE.

Source: LR, HHI