German Ports Digitalization: In Progress

The German companies DAKOSY AG and dbh Logistics IT, which specialize in the evolution of port electronic systems, developed a solution for the digitalization of the imported container delivery process in the German port terminals. According to the two companies, the first shipowners and managers will have been connected to the new system that will be known as «German Ports» by the end of this year.

Therefore, the fundamental blocks have been placed for the digitalization of the conveyancing documentation which is a crucial process for the release of the containers in the German ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Bremen and Wilhelmshaven. The software is utilizing blockchain technology and will offer a wide range of applications for the completion of the container release-receive process, to its users.

Getting started with the new process is easy for carriers, forwarders, transport companies and terminals alike. Dirk Gladiator, an authorized officer of DAKOSY, explains, “Our solution for the digitalized release process is based on existing platforms and processes that are already being extensively used by the stakeholders in German seaports.” The application will be available in both the Hamburg and Bremen Port Community Systems. In Hamburg, this will be integrated into the Import Message Platform (IMP), and in the ports of Bremen and Wilhelmshaven, as a part of the Business Integration Platform (BIP).

Until now, release orders have generally not been communicated digitally but exchanged between parties in the traditional ways via fax, e-mail or telephone. “The manual process causes a lot of extra work for everyone, as the players have to engage in bilateral dialog for each individual container to organize authorizations and empty container returns,” concur Hübner and Gladiator.

Source: DAKOSY