New Shore Power Technology for Cruises by Zinus

Zinus has secured a contract from Norwegian firm Havnekraft to develop and supply a new, flexible shore power technology for cruise ships.

Zinus has secured a contract from the Norwegian firm Havnekraft. They will develop and supply a new, flexible shore power technology for cruise ships calling at Haugesund Cruise Port.

Havnekraft is under the energy firm Haugaland Kraft and Karmsund Port Authorities.

For many years, Zinus has been providing a developed, mobile and flexible system. In particular, Shore-Power-Cruiser is supplying high-voltage to cruise vessels and other ships.

“We chose Zinus because the company is one of the forerunners in cable management technology and could offer the best solution for our needs, and it is extra gratifying to be able to award the contract to a local player. For us, it has been important to ensure fast and efficient connection of the cruise ships, and that the large high-voltage cables are easy and safe to handle for our personnel at the quay.”

Tine Osmundsen, Havnekraft chairman

The new developmet will base on Zinus’ Shore Power Cruiser system. Four of which are presently deployed in the port of Bergen.


This solution will provide renewable electricity to docked cruise vessels and help enhance port logistics.

It will feature the handling as well as storing of cables and connectors to improve the preservation and maintenance for both cables and plugs.

Additionally, Zinus’ cable management unit will comprise batteries as well as an electric motor for green transportation.

Moreover, Karmsund Port Authorities has booked 120 cruise calls for next year. Nearly 90% of these vessels will obtain shore power, as expected.

The aim is to supply up to 9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in an ordinary season.

There is a noticeable difference when compared with vessels that operate on diesel generators while docked. Particularly, this initiative will help lower carbon discharges by approximately 2,500t each season.

Figure 1. Shore Power Cruiser Layout

Apart from climate and environmental advantages, Havnekraft will bag an additional benefit from the short distance between Haugesund and Zinus’ technology setting at Bømlo.

In June, Sweden’s Port of Gothenburg announced their expansion plans. Thus, enhancing its shoreside power network to the Energy Port for connecting tankers to shore power from 2023.

shore power
Figure 2. Shore Power Cruiser

Source: Zinus

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