Wärtsilä launches power limitation solutions for EEXI

Wärtsilä launches various new power limitation solutions (EPL) for direct and certified EEXI compliance.

The technology group Wärtsilä has launched a new series of engine power limitation (EPL) solutions. These will enable compliance with the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulation. Hence, the company now has a complete range of solutions for environmental regulatory compliance, covering both new-build and retrofit projects.


The EEXI regulation comes into effect in 2023 and stipulates the energy efficiency level for existing ships already in service. Wärtsilä’s new solutions allow owners to meet this requirement, despite the tight implementation schedule. Additionally, the company offers various energy efficiency solutions that enable compliance with the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) requirements. These solutions form part of the IMO’s strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.

Particularly, for meeting the EEXI requirements, three macro areas are relevant, namely Power Limitation, Energy Efficiency technologies, and Fuel upgrades. With the introduction of these latest power limitation solutions, Wärtsilä covers all three areas with proven solutions. Thus, it may recommend the optimal choice for meeting the specific needs of owners and operators.

“With this latest launch, Wärtsilä once again emphasizes its commitment to supporting customers in their decarbonization efforts in line with the global targets set by the IMO. We can offer a complete set of opportunities for complying with the existing and upcoming regulations,”

Giulio Tirelli, Director of Business Development, Wärtsilä

The power limitation upgrades being launched by Wärtsilä are verified and approved systems. They comprise the following solutions;

  • EPL for 4-stroke engines
  • EPL for 2-stroke engines
  • Shaft Power Limitation for vessels with a controllable pitch propeller (CPP)
  • Propulsion Control System, and Power Limitation specifically dedicated to diesel-electric installations.
power limitation EEXI
Figure. Shaft Power Limitation
Key features

The above upgrades effectively limit the engine or shaft power during normal operation. This is regardless of the power train combination and control system arrangements.

Moreover, the operators at the bridge can override all the set limits of the solutions. IMO / MEPC guidelines have stipulated this mandatory feature as well as the monitoring and recording functions. The system data is stored in accordance with the regulations for inspection purposes.

How will EPL impact the performance to reduce emissions?

Source: Wärtsilä