First carbon offset with biofuel (B30) from TFG Marine

Norwegian dry bulk shipping company Western Bulk has taken delivery of its first carbon offset bio-blend fuel (B30) from TFG Marine.

Western Bulk has taken delivery of its first carbon offset bio-blend fuel (B30) from TFG Marine. To clarify, it is a marine fuel supply and procurement joint venture between commodity trader Trafigura and shipping firms Frontline and Golden Ocean.


Specifically, TFG Marine supplied 750mt of B30 VLSFO fuel to the vessel Beks Ceyda in the Port of Rotterdam. Including the full lifecycle emissions from the production, supply, and consumption of the B30 fuel. Note that it is compensated with carbon credits.

“TFG Marine … is supporting customers such as Western Bulk to minimise and offset the carbon emissions generated from; their shipping voyages through Trafigura’s portfolio of carbon reduction projects that are verified by leading registries… We assist customers with the measurement and reporting of the emissions associated with each voyage and offer a range of carbon reduction initiatives to help them achieve their emissions reduction goals. 

Kenneth Dam, TFG Marine’s Global Head of Bunkering

Particularly, the 63,600cbm bulker bunkered 750mt of B30 grade marine fuel. Hence, blending biofuel into traditional VLSFO resulted in reducing GHG emissions by approximately 25% when compared to traditional VLSFO alone.

Additionally, the remaining carbon emissions associated with the 750mts of the delivered B30, around 2,200 mt of CO2e, were then offset with nature-based verified carbon standard credits with triple gold CCB (Climate, Community, Biodiversity Standards) certification.

“These are the first steps towards meeting our long term targets and to provide reduced emissions for our customers… Our industry needs to adapt to the required reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This delivery shows that we are moving in the right direction as we were able to sail the Mv Beks Ceyda for almost two months and complete two voyages with a combined GHG impact close to zero.”

Jonas Larsen, Head of Bunkers and Derivatives for Western Bulk

Source: Western Bulk

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