The Largest Natural Gas Turbine (GTCC) Application

The largest natural gas-fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) facility in the UAE. Playing a crucial role in the country’s power generation

Mitsubishi has shipped a total of 3 M701JAC gas turbines to the Fujairah F3 power plant in the UAE. The plant will use an efficient combined cycle technology in the region. Above all, it will be the largest natural gas-fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) facility in the UAE. Thus, playing a crucial role in the country’s power generation sector, while also contributing to the GCC’s power grid.

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The M701JAC is the world’s leading gas turbine with an efficiency greater than 64% and a reliability of 99.6%. Additionally, it reports the lowest carbon emissions per unit of power when used in the combined cycle.
Nonetheless, it is capable of operating on a mixture of up to 30% hydrogen and 70% natural gas. However, the turbines can increase to 100% hydrogen in the future.


These generators will form the core facility for the natural gas-fired GTCC plant. Moreover, the plant is owned and operated by Fujairah Power Company F3 LLC. The plant is in the construction process by the South Korean firm Samsung C&T Corporation. Furthermore, this shipment comprises a total of 3 units ordered in 2020. The core facilities of this newly constructed plant, along with auxiliary machinery and accessory equipment.

The gas turbines provided for this project will operate in a power generation plant. Located in a coastal area of Fujairah (Qidfa), approximately 300km northeast of the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi.
Most importantly, the plant will have a generation capacity of 2,400 MW, the highest output ever for a gas-fired GTCC plant in the UAE. Full commercial operation will commence in 2023, according to plan.

Note that Mitsubishi is also dispatching engineers to provide support until the start of commercial operations. In the meantime, under a Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA), will handle maintenance and repair of the generating facilities.


“Mitsubishi Power’s core expertise is providing reliable, innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions to our customers. This project is the first in the Middle East to utilize our advanced JAC-Series gas turbines. We are pleased that by supplying gas turbines that boast the world’s highest level of generating efficiency, we are meeting the UAE government’s expectations in achieving both a reduced environmental load and stable power supply, while contributing to the country’s sustainable economic growth,”

Khalid Salem, president of Mitsubishi Power MENA (Middle East & North Africa) and GTCC Business Unit Leader for EMEA

Moving forward, Mitsubishi Power aims to demonstrate further, the impact of adopting high-efficiency, environment-friendly GTCC generating facilities. Hence, contributing to the stable supply of power, essential for economic development across the globe, and the realization of a sustainable, decarbonized world.

Source: MHI

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