Why Havila Capella took the ‘Next Generation Ship Award’

The Havila Capella is environmentally friendly, powered by batteries and clean hydropower. Hence taking the 'Next Generation Ship Award'.

The Havila Capella is environmentally friendly, powered by batteries and clean hydropower. Hence taking the ‘Next Generation Ship Award’.

1. The hull shape

The hull on all Havila Voyages’ ships is specially designed to sail as energy-efficiently as possible and is built to withstand local weather conditions on the Norwegian coast.

2. Able to sail silently and emission-free for four hours using the world’s largest battery packs

Havila Capella can sail for more than 4 hours using the largest battery packs available on any passenger ship worldwide. This means she can sail quietly and emission-free through the world heritage fjords such as Geirangerfjord. The batteries also contribute when arriving and departing many of the 34 ports on the route between Bergen and Kirkenes, minimizing our impact on these communities. The battery packs, supplied by Corvus, weigh 86 tons and have a capacity of 6.1MWh.

3. LNG and battery hybrid 

Our ships sail using a combination of battery power and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Hence, reduces CO2 emissions by around 25% and NOx emissions by 80-95%. Additionally, the gradual blending of biogas will reduce emissions of CO2 to 50% in 2023 and 80% in 2024.

4. Charging from clean hydropower along the coast of Norway 

The ship’s batteries charging will commence in numerous ports along the route, using clean hydropower.

5. A new ship bridge with advanced data management system helps to optimize operations and reduce emissions 

Havila Capella is the first passenger vessel with the new Raven INS ™ from Norwegian Electric Systems. A fully integrated bridge with smart features such as data hoarding and analysis for the continuous development of better and more efficient operations.

6. Reuse of heat through advanced energy systems and a huge thermal tank 

Moreover, recovery and reuse of surplus heat from the ship’s water, sea and energy management provided through the Ulmatec Pyro Waste Energy Management System. For every 1000 kW of energy from fuel delivered to a generator, only around 350 kW will normally translate for propulsion. At least 600 kW of the energy produced is lost through exhaust and cooling water. In other words, only 35% of energy is used efficiently. The Ulmatec Pyro Waste Energy Management System utilizes this lost energy for other applications such as ship heating and hot water.

7. Prepared for hydrogen 

Havila’s ship design ensures that when Hydrogen becomes a viable power source and has approval for commercial sailing, it is convertible to use the latest technology. Havila’s coastal cruise vessels are part of a pilot scheme by Hav Design, called FreeCo2ast.

Quality excursions with a small footprint 

Havila Voyages holds determination to minimize its impact on the local coastal communities and works with like-minded partners. We encourage our partners to drive investment in green solutions such as battery-powered buses and aim to set high standards that benefit passengers, communities and the environment.

Source: Havila

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